The Tartar In Your Mouth

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3 major things you should know about the tartar in your mouth!

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As many of us have experienced tartar on your teeth. And how ugly and disgusting is this right? 

And you want to know what you can do about this. Only to anwer your question we have to go back to the very beginning. What exactly is tartar?

Today we’re going to be discussing the 3 major things you need to know about tartat in your mouth! So get ready and fasten your seatbelts, here we go. 



It’s all starts with this, ‘plaque’. And what is plaque? Plaque is soft food residue left on your teeth after you eat or drink something. If this layer is not properly removed, it hardens due to minerals that your body produces itself. Especially the places where you don’t reach well with your toothbrush or toothpick are the places where you see a lot of tartar building up. But also in places where your body produces these minerals, such as near the salivary glands. This is especially in the floor of the mouth and the molars in the back of your mouth.

Tartar is harmful because it contains all kinds of bad bacteria that make your body sick. The longer the tartar remains, the more bad bacteria it will contain and the sicker it can make you.

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#1 Secret Side affects of tartar

But when does tartar start to have unpleasant side effects?

Tartar will have unpleasant side effects when it is on your teeth for a long time (weeks, months and even years). the bacteria in the tartar can become so aggressive that they make the gums and underlying bone very sick. We call this Periodontitis.


These inflammations have major consequences for your body. Your body produces immune cells that target these bad bacteria in your tartar around your gums. But if there are too many bad bacteria to fight against, it will not work and the body will become sick. Think of Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and so on.

#2 You won't believe this hack! How to solve tartar problems.

The one and only way to solve this problem is so easy and i’m going to tell you why right now. Flossing! Yes you heard my right! If you remove the dirty food particles between those beautiful teeth of yours, tartar will not grow as fast. Also a propper brush minute can save your day! 

#3 The importance of removing your tartar

So what happens if you don’t remove your tartar? Well, as I told you in the above you realise that tarter can make you quite sick. It can cause gum disease, and even Periodontitis. 


 Old tartar causes inflammation of your gums and surrounding jawbone. So you can imagine that if your jawbone becomes sick and weakens, it can no longer provide good support for the teeth that support this. And well what happens then? Then your teeth and molars can become loose. I don’t think you’re into that? So please take good care of your teeth because they don’t grow back anymore unfortunately. Gone is gone.

You can now solve the problem of tartar

So are you still unsure whether it is wise to go to a dental hygienist? The answer is always yes! No matter how well you keep your teeth clean at home, you can’t do that as well as they clean it. Do you want to enjoy your beautiful crowns and veneers for a long time? Then it is really important to maintain them every three months at a dental hygienist because tartar also forms below and can cause veneers, crowns and bridges to fail. So don’t wait any longer and book your appointment below! 

The Tartar In Your Mouth

Dental Hygienist Amsterdam