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HOUSE RULES The dental suite


  • Firstly The Dental Suite treats by appointment only.
  • Following, appointments must be canceled 2 working days (>48 hours) in advance. For example weekend days are not working days, so appointments for Mondays must be canceled at least before the start time on Thursday.
  • We charge for appointments that are not canceled or canceled too late and the amount of the rate for a missed appointment is € 1 per minute using a C90 dentist code. This is not reimbursed by your health insurance.
  • If you show up late for an appointment, you run the risk that the treatment cannot be completed entirely according to plan or even has to be canceled due to the resulting lack of time.
  • The Dental Suite would like to remind you of your appointment via email or SMS, so it is important that your details remain up to date. We therefore ask you to inform us if this information changes.
  • NOTE! We will help you remember your appointment. This is an extra service from us. However, you remain 100% responsible for your appointment.


  • The Dental Suite stands for sustainability and therefore only invoices electronically and not by post.
  • Part of our invoices is outsourced to factoring company Infomedics.


  • Presence of a parent/guardian during treatment: A child learns to deal with the dental environment more quickly if they enter the treatment room alone. From the age of 4, we can ask you to take a seat in the waiting room. The parent/guardian is always present on the first visit.
  • We do not treat patients under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • We refuse patients who discriminate, are aggressive, shout or swear, carry weapons, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or bring an animal. 
  • We also do not accept sexual harassment.
  • Finally, there is a security camera upon entry. These images are saved. In case of theft, the police will be called.

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House rules The Dental Suite