Dental Hygienist PRACTICE Amsterdam

The Dental Suite is a small dental hygienist practice in Amsterdam with a lot of atmosphere and personal attention. Located in beautiful Amsterdam East. 

The Dental Suite has opened its doors since 2021. The Dental Suite works with the latest equipment. This means that all treatments are performed with warm water and are therefore very pleasant and comfortable. 

Do you want to know more about this new technique? Click here to discover everything about the Airflow Prophylaxis Master from EMS.


The dental hygienist practice is easily accessible by public transport and on Sundays there is the possibility to park for free in front of the door.


Making an appointment at short notice is possible and can be done quickly and easily online.

WE LOOK FORWARD TO WELCOME YOU to our lovely dental suite in Amsterdam east

Mondhygieniste amsterdam oost en centrum
Mondhygieniste Amsterdam Oost

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why to the dental hygienist in amsterdam east?

Al information that you need to know is right here with your dental hygienist in Amsterdam.  

Why come to us? 

  • To prevent any cavities. 
  • So we can help you preventing gum problems such a gum disease. 
  • We can help you get whiter teeth. 
  • To prevent you from getting sick. All dental problems can be related to diabetes, alzheimer, hart disease and so on. 
  • We help you with the best choice of products for your teeth and gum. 
  • We also support dental care for children. They need it as much as we do!
  • Your fillings, crowns, facings and bridges need maintenance. Without maintenance it won’t last very long. Such a waist of your money because you’ve paid a lot of money for it probably.
  • Healthier mouth is a happier body. So don’t wait and book now. 

Dental Hygienist Amsterdam North

Are you coming to the dental hygienist practice from Amsterdam North? Then our practice is easily accessible by public transport. You can park your car in front of the door (free on Sunday!)

Dental Hygienist Amsterdam south & Amsterdam south-east

Our dental hygienist practice is easily accessible from Amsterdam South or Amsterdam South East by public transport. On Sundays you can even park for free in front of the practice. Book your appointment easily for a dental cleaning without waiting list!

Dental Hygienist Amsterdam West

Looking for a dental hygienist in Amsterdam West? Our practice is easily accessible by public transport from Amsterdam West. You can easily make an appointment online and this can often be done short term!